How do I import dive logs to the Deepblu app? - Deepblu FAQ
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How do I import dive logs to the Deepblu app?

To import dive logs from your COSMIQ to the Deepblu app, follow these simple steps. So grab your COSMIQ Dive Computer, open the Deepblu App on your iOS or Android smartphone and follow along.


On your COSMIQ:

Navigate to “Sync Mode” on your COSMIQ using the “MODE” button. A countdown of 1 minute and 30 seconds will begin on the screen.


On the Deepblu app:

step 1, open the menu on the bottom right corner. Step 2, press “Your Dive Computers”. A list of dive computers will show up. Step 3, select “Deepblu COSMIQ”. If your COSMIQ is already in “Sync Mode”, your devices will start pairing. Step 4, press “Import Dive Logs”. COSMIQ will begin to upload your logs to the Deepblu app.

Step 4: Press Import Dive Logs
Step 2: Select Deepblu COSMIQ
Step 3: Go to Sync Mode on COSMIQ
Step 4: Press Import Dive Logs

Note: Your COSMIQ will only transfer each log to the app once. After that, they will remain on your COSMIQ until overwritten by newer logs.