How many logs does the COSMIQ save? - Deepblu FAQ
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How many logs does the COSMIQ save?

How many logs does COSMIQ save?

COSMIQ+ Gen 5 stores up to 200 unsynchronized logs (*Pre-COSMIQ+ Gen 5 models stores up to 25 dive logs). Dive logs cannot be deleted from the COSMIQ itself. Once the dive log limits are reached on your COSMIQ and you haven’t synchronized your previous logs to the Deepblu app, newer logs will overwrite the oldest. Deepblu suggests that you upload dive data to the Deepblu app as often as possible so you don’t lose any of your log data.

Can I delete my dive logs on COSMIQ?

Dive logs cannot be deleted from COSMIQ itself.

Are previously synchronized logs duplicated when I sync my COSMIQ again?

No. The Deepblu app recognizes previous dive logs that have already been uploaded and will not duplicate them