Why and how to use hashtags? - Deepblu FAQ
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Why and how to use hashtags?

  • Hashtags help other users find your content
  • Hashtags are a flexible way to categorize your posts

When you create a post, it is recommended to add some hashtags. Popularized by Twitter, hashtags provide an easy and flexible way to add categories to your post. For instance, if you have created a video for Turtle Tuesday and you want people to find it more easily, you can add the hashtag #turtleTuesday. Other users can tap this hashtag to browse other posts with the same tag.

This is how it’s done:

Any time while creating a post, tap the tag icon  to bring up the hashtag bar. Type the name of the hashtag. The app will automatically add the # so you don’t have to worry about that. Type a space to add another hashtag or simply go back to editing your post to finish. If you’ve made a mistake, you can use backspace (delete) to remove the tag(s). On the website, you can also hover over a tag and click the x to remove it.

Tips on using hashtags:

Think of a hashtag as a radio channel. Find out which channels your target audience is tuned in to (e.g. #turtles). Broadcast to that channel by adding the corresponding hashtag to your post. This also means that you need to do some research on the right spelling of a channel.

Note: hashtags may only contain letters (including letters in foreign scripts) and numbers.