How can I become a Pro Diver? How does it benefit me? - Deepblu FAQ
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How can I become a Pro Diver? How does it benefit me?

If you’re a dive instructor, divemaster or dive guide, you can apply to be a Pro Diver by simply signing up on the Deepblu app.

Go to the User Settings page of your profile and select your certification level. If it is a professional-level certification, two additional tabs will appear: one for your certification number and another to upload a picture of your certification.

Add your certification number and a photo of the information page of your diving certification to your account. Once you do so, the Deepblu Team will verify your status as a dive pro and grant you access as a Pro Diver.

Pro Divers will be able to digitally verify/sign dive logs on the Deepblu app. Your students can send you verification requests for their dives, which you can respond to with the touch of a button. So long as you and your students are connected on Deepblu, you no longer have to deal with the hassle of stamping and signing paper dive logs!