How do I change the settings on my COSMIQ? - Deepblu FAQ
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How do I change the settings on my COSMIQ?

The Deepblu mobile app is necessary for adjusting the majority of COSMIQ’s settings, including time and date, measurement units for distance and air pressure, and for creating digital dive logs. You MUST download and install the Deepblu app in order for COSMIQ to operate properly. Only a limited number of settings can be changed manually using COSMIQ so it is imperative that you download the Deepblu app to properly adjust your settings.

The following settings can be changed using the Deepblu app:

General Settings

  • Firmware Upgrade
  • Screen Timeout (10 seconds to 2 minutes)
  • Measurement Units (Metric or Imperial)
  • Date Display (Current date or last dive date)
  • Default Dive Mode (Scuba Mode, Gauge Mode or Freedive Mode)
  • Altitude (Sea Level or Above 300 m/1000 ft)
  • High Salinity (on or off)
  • Power-Saving Mode (on or off)
  • Backlight Brightness (5 levels)

Scuba Mode

  • Safety Factor (Conservative, Normal or Progressive)
  • PPO2 Limit (1.2 bar to 1.6 bar)
  • Air Mix (21% to 40%)
  • Time Alarm (10 minutes to 2 hours)
  • Depth Alarm (18 meters/60 feet to 50 meters/165 feet)

Freedive Mode

  • Max Depth Alarm (15 meters / 50 feet to 50 meters / 165 feet)
  • Max Time Alarm (30 seconds to 3 minutes)