What are the service and support options for COSMIQ? - Deepblu FAQ
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What are the service and support options for COSMIQ?

We have dedicated customer service and support teams who are always ready and willing to answer your questions.

If your queries are related to Warranty enquiries, please first go to the Warranty page to understand the procedures. For technical support for COSMIQ: support@deepblu.com.

For technical support for the Deepblu app, please use the App Feedback function in the main menu of the Deepblu app.

For information about product sales, Sales Ambassador Program or the COSMIQ Reseller Program: sales@deepblu.com.

For general inquiries: info@deepblu.com. You can also:

  • Contact us via Facebook!
  • Call us at +886 2758 5817 (Mon–Fri from 10:00-19:00 GMT+8). International calling rates may apply.